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Vermont Vignettes book cover

Vermont Vignettes in Word and Line
Collected from old souces by Germaine LeClair and Ida Washington
Illustrated by Sheila Mitchinson

If you love folklore stories from the past, this is the book for you! Here we have a collection of stories, many never before published, about the "good old days" in Vermont. In word and line they show life in an earlier era and particularly the clever rogues living it.  


Carleton's Raid jacket cover
Carleton's Raid
Ida H. Washington and Paul A. Washington

The secret orders read: "Destroy all the supplies, provisions, and animals which the rebels may have assembled on the shores of Lake Champlain . . . destroy all the boats . . . as well as all the sawmills and gristmills which could have been built in the area." The threat of an American invasion of Canada triggered a major attack in 1778 which violated the trust the American colonists had placed in the British and resulted in widespread and cruel hardship for the men, women, and children who lived in the Champlain Valley. (more...)

Green Mountain Boys jacket cover
The Green Mountain Boys
Judge D. P. Thompson

A Vermont Classic in a new and readable edition

When Judge Thompson wrote The Green Mountain Boys in 1838, he created a classic that would influence generations of Vermonters as the source of favorite legends about Ethan Allen and his brave band of early Vermont militia.

For decades teachers in the one-room rural schools of Vermont made it a practice to reward pupils on "good" days with a chapter read aloud from The Green Mountain Boys.   (more...)

American Literature

Dorothy Canfield jacket cover
Early Stories of Dorothy Canfield
Edited and with an introduction by Ida H. Washington

Long before American author Dorothy Canfield (l879-1958) won popularity and international acclaim with novels and short stories about social problems, she was writing essays and short stories in school notebooks. These early writings were never published but were kept in the archives of the University of Vermont.  (more...)


A Tool in His Hand jacket cover
A Tool in His Hand
Ann M. Harrison

The journey from Nebraska to inland Arabia was half a world long, and the journey from frail boyhood to a career demanding physical, mental, and spiritual vigor was even more arduous.  (more...)


Barbi jacket cover
Barbi or The Charcoal Burner's Daughter
Comic Opera in Two Acts
Libretto and Piano Score by Otto Ludwig
Transcribed from the original notebooks and translated into English by Ida H. Washington

Barbi, or The Charcoal Burner’s Daughter is in its libretto, plot and music a cross between a Gilbert & Sullivan musical and The Sound of Music. It abounds in clever lines and tuneful melodies, trite love scenes and dramatic encounters. Set in the Tyrol at the time of the French invasion of that area, soldiers and peasants, villain and hero play against the backdrop of a local wine festival where colorfully costumed dancers circle the stage.

The operetta was written in 1838 but never published.   (more...)

Veterinary Science

Veterinary Embryology and Teratology jacket cover
Veterinary Embryology and Teratology
 Ida W. Smoak

This compact text provides a condensed, but thorough, presentation of basic embryology, particularly useful for students in a veterinary curriculum.   

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