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Green Mountain Boys jacket cover
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The Green Mountain Boys

By D. P. Thompson
Edited by Carol E. Washington and Ida H. Washington
      with drawings by Ida W. Smoak

A Vermont Classic in a new and readable edition

When Judge Thompson wrote The Green Mountain Boys in 1838, he created a classic that would influence generations of Vermonters as the source of favorite legends about Ethan Allen and his brave band of early Vermont militia.

For decades teachers in the one-room rural schools of Vermont made it a practice to reward pupils on "good" days with a chapter read aloud from The Green Mountain Boys.

Language, however, changes with time, and so do styles of storytelling. In our faster moving lives, we are impatient with slow-paced wordy older classics. Now, after a century and a half, the tale which thrilled so many Vermont young people is no longer readable in its original form by youth or even adults of today.

It was time to give The Green Mountain Boys a renewal of life, to bring this grand old adventure story back to American readers. We now offer this tale in a skillfully edited edition so that today’s readers may enjoy one of America’s best pieces of historical fiction.

Publication date: 2000
242 pages, Softcover, 6 x 9 inches.
ISBN: 0-9666832-4-2

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